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With 20 + years experience in the Wedding & Event Industry, we can promise you virtually flawless events! Our passion & dedication to each client is unsurpassed! Let us help you plan your DREAM WEDDING!  With services starting at $49.99 & fully customized service packages, you DON'T want to pass us up! 

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Facebook LIVE Wedding Q&A


Facebook LIVE Wedding Q&A

Please join us every Monday at 2PM on our Facebook page for a LIVE WEDDING Q&A session!  You will get about 30 minutes of FREE tips, tricks, advice, and guidance from some of the industry's top professionals!  Each week is a new topic.  We answer viewer submitted questions and discuss viewer submitted topics of interest!  Check out our Facebook Page for Event details (in our Events section) and click the link below to download our "Facebook LIVE Q&A Information Guide"  

It will provide you with info on how to submit your own questions, topics, and how it all is going to benefit you!   12 week sessions with new topics every week!  

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Facebook LIVE Wedding Q&A

Hello!  My name is Amanda Towse-Smith and I own It's Your Day Wedding & Event Planning.  I am a certified wedding & event coordinator .  I received my certification in 2017 from Stratford Career Institute.  I am a current member of AACWP (American Association of Certified Wedding Planners).  Currently, I reside in Butler County PA - near Lake Arthur and Morainne State Park! I have a 100+ lb pit bull named Zoey who is my absolute BABY.  I spoil her rotten and she is the best dog ever!  When I'm not home with her, I work part time for Fairground Market Catering and 422 Auto Auction.  I have over 20+ years experience in the industry - with everything from catering,  serving and bartending to setup and design, to floral and decor and of course planning & coordinating!  

  I promise you will not find another coordinator more dedicated or more passionate than I am!  I LOVE what I do for a living and that makes it so easy and fun! I wouldn't want to do anything else with my life!  I look forward to each and every event and treat each wedding as if it were my own dream wedding!  Let me show you how I can help turn your dreams into a reality for your wedding day!  Serving Western PA and Eastern OH areas with an immense amount of wedding knowledge and skill for every type of wedding!  I look forward to meeting with you!  Call, Text, or Email me today to schedule your FREE 1 HOUR NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION!  Let me show you how I can help you plan your dream wedding!  I promise this will be the best investment you make for your wedding day! 





With the COVID-19 health pandemic and more couples wanting to and being totally able to plan their own weddings, there's an incredible shift in how you plan your wedding!  A wedding planner help manage tasks, reduces stress, saves you money, helps you make informed decisions that are right for you and your wedding, among many other benefits.  Even with all of that, most couples  are opting NOT to hire a traditional wedding planner.  

As a wedding planner, I know the value and immense benefit my services provide better than anyone, yet explaining that to MOST couples can be virtually impossible.  Over 90% of married couples say that planning their wedding was one of the MOST STRESSFUL times of their lives!  Over 50% of those couples say they would have had a professional help them IF they could have afforded it! 

This is why we created our VIRTUAL WEDDING PLANNING!  Planning a wedding is mostly responsibilities such as researching information, managing  task lists,, negotiating with vendors, organizing details, etc.  Many couples are VERY MUCH capable of doing this, but sometimes need that pro guidance or advice about certain aspects of planning their wedding.  Once you have your basic ideas established, let a VIRTUAL PLANNER work with you to take your ideas and put them into comprehensive, organized, and informative checklists, worksheets, etc.  

With virtual planning, you can literally do anything from have your entire wedding planned to just having some key advice and guidance.  We are involved as little or as much as you want and need!  

You get the tips, tricks, advice, and guidance of a seasoned professional at  LESS THAN HALF THE PRICE of traditional planning!  We offer a $25 Mini Virtual Q&A Session  just to try it out!  No obligation or commitment to purchase additional services!  Schedule your appointment below - Click on the Mini Virtual Q&A button! 

What you you waiting for?  Contact us today for more info or go to our Files & Downloads section and click on  our "Wedding Welcome Packet" download for more information! 





Buy 1- 1 hour virtual session get your next 1 hour session FREE!  
*Exp 05/31/2020*  See below

We are going to revolutionize the way you plan your wedding!  Virtual Wedding Planning is the newest and by far the most valuable type of wedding planning to date!   You get all the perks of having a certified and experienced wedding planner help plan your Dream Wedding, but it is all done "Virtually".  We can do anything from just answer questions, listen to you vent, help with vendor referrals, give advice to literally planning your entire wedding with you .

We are offering ALL NEW CLIENTS IN 2020 OR 2021 a FREE 1 HOUR VIDEO VIRTUAL PLANNING SESSION upon purchase of a 1 hour video virtual planning session  or other virtual planning package! (Minimum purchase amt $100) 

You can  combine this BOGO offer with other coupons and/or discounts that apply to you! 

Expires: 12/31/2020

Book your 1-hour video virtual session below!  

FREE Initial Consult




Upon contacting us, you will be able to receive a FREE  INITIAL CONSULT!  This is   done via FaceTime, Zoom, Skype,  (Virtually) and usually takes about 20-30 minutes.  You will be asked to fill out, sign, and return an initial consult form at least 24-48 hours prior to your initial consult.  During your FREE  CONSULT, we will discuss your ideas, dreams, needs, wants, etc. for your wedding or event.  We will give you our best ideas for services we feel you could benefit from with us.  You will receive a FORMAL QUOTE & PROPOSAL within 24-48 hours following the consult!  

Also - there may be a FREE GIFT to those who receive their initial consult for ANY event in 2020 - please ask!  

Expires: 12/31/2021

Book your consult today - See Below for scheduling information and to schedule your initial consult! 

30 min Q&A with a PRO!


30 min Q&A with a PRO!


If you have ever had a list of questions you need advice on, or have ever  wanted just to talk with a PRO planner - NOW  is your chance!  We are offering ALL 2020 and 2021 Brides/Grooms a 30 minute Q&A virtual video session for ONLY $25 - WITH NO OBLIGATION TO PURCHASE ANY ADDITIONAL SERVICES! ( This is a ONE TIME purchase offer) No question is off limits - ASK ANYTHING YOU WANT!   We will answer to the best of our ability - using our extensive experience, knowledge, and inside information!  After your 30 minute session - you will receive a complete outline of all information covered during the session - along with a custom designed offer of services just for you!  You are under NO OBLIGATION to purchase the custom services - however - if you do - the $25 for the Q&A session is taken off of your purchase price!  

Clink on the Link below to book your 30 minute Q&A session NOW - Must pay in full upon booking - must give 1 hour minimum notice!  We accept PayPal or Square (Visa, MC, Disc, AE) 

files and downloads - services, pricing, more information

As unique as each of us are, so are our coordination packages.  We customize based on your needs, wants, and of course BUDGET!  Base package starts at $799.99  for traditional planning services, and at $49.99 for virtual services.   Please contact us to schedule your FREE 1 HOUR NO OBLIGATION CONSULT so that we can fully customize a package that is exactly what you need and want!   Please feel free to  download our "2020 Welcome pack Wedding listed below with contains information and pricing on ALL SERVICES.   If you are looking for just VIRTUAL PLANNING info, please click on Virtual Planning Information & Packages. 

 Please also feel free to download our Newsletter, QA Ads and our FB Live information sheets!  

Wedding Welcom Packet 2020 (pdf)


30 min qa ad full sheet (pdf)


FB Live information with dates and times (pdf)


Newsletter Virtual Planning (pdf)


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We know that you want your wedding to be a unique day that celebrates you! Tell us more about the story of your relationship and about your dream wedding!  Remember Dream weddings don't just happen...they are planned with help from a professional wedding planner!  From the smallest detail to the grandest wedding, 

we will handle the stress so your event is a success!   

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